Monday, 23 November 2015


Sorry again for the lack of posting! I can't wait until my exams are over as I'll be able to focus more on this blog.

But until then, I've put together a collection of images that are inspiring me right now.
無色/mu-sho-ku: The japanese word for colourless.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dreaming of a tropical holiday

Sorry I've been MIA lately! I'm currently in my last 3 weeks of uni and have been swamped assignments and exam prep :( However, as of December 1st I'm free and can focus on my blog again!
I've been dreaming of getting away from this work load and relaxing on a tropical island, so I put together a combo of my favourite relaxed summer outfits and inspiring tropical photography. 

"Simple as..." look by Dolce Vita sandalsBaggu shoulder bagFaithful jumpsuitCurrent/Elliott shirt.

 All outfit photos featured in this post belong to 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Spring Nights

We are officially over half way through spring here in New Zealand! I've been loving the longer days and warm nights so much. These photos were taken on Friday night after a long first week back at uni. Only 6 weeks until my final exam!

I have also enabled the "follow by email" function on my blog, so follow me via there too if you like :)

Sleeveless jacket from JNBY. Necklace from Vivienne Westwood (discontinued) similar is here. T-shirt by Witchery. Leggings from JNBY. Watch from Micheal Kors. Sunglasss from Lovisa (no direct link) similar is here. Heels from Lipstik.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

UPDATE: Visions of Style

My blog has had a change of name! I decided to change "Ghost White" to something I felt was more appropriate. Since my blog is still quite new, and I only have 30 something followers, I'm hoping it will be an easy adjustment to make. 

I have updated my bloglovin (still waiting for a full link change from the moderators) and instagram to "Visions of Style".

The logo:
This "logo" I actually designed last year when I was a fashion design student. It was for my "brand" (fictional, I don't have a brand) which I name Elsie. Elsie came from LC, which are my initials. While I didn't like the brand name, I really loved the logo that I designed and created using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to use it for something worthwhile, my blog! 


On "Ghost White" I had a post schedule of 3 times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. However, sadly for the next 6 weeks, I will only be able to post about twice per week as I have a huge final exam plus 2 assignments within that time. 
As of December 1st I will finally no longer be a student (that is, if I pass everything). 
Once my exams etc are over with, I will resume posting 3 days per week.

Thanks for stopping by :) xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Get the Look: The Countess

 On Wednesday, American Horror Story Hotel premiered. This is the fifth season of this show and I have followed it closely since it was first released. Ryan Murphy is an absolute genius and each season of AHS inspires me. This show isn't just about the horror, its made to absolute visual perfection. Personally, the seasons that have inspired me the most were season 1, Murder House and season 3, Coven. Coven was like a fashion editorial playing out before my eyes and their style really influenced my own. Although it's only been one episode, I feel like season 5 is going to inspire me greatly as well. 

At first, I was unsure about Lady Gaga being cast into Hotel. However, after seeing the first episode, she is an amazing actress and fits right in with the rest of the cast.

I have been inspired ever since watching the first episode, more in terms of creating art, as opposed to fashion. However, I decided to create a look based on The Countess because her style is amazing. 

Dress from Elise Ryan. Necklace from Boohoo. Shoes from MayKool. Clutch from Whistles. Lipstick is Prince Noir by Mac Cosmetics. Blood gel packs by Graftobian.

The Countless also wears killer crystal gloves....killer being the operative word. These gloves were actually created by Shaun Leane. This glove can actually be purchased, if you are willing to pay the price. The glove is made up of over a thousand grams of gold and has 5000 white diamonds set into it. 

Shaun Leane Daphne Guinness gloves

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Friday, 9 October 2015

My first Outfit Post!

Please excuse the bad setup and photography as I am still learning...
This is my first outfit post! A very simple outfit that I just wore while doing some errands on my day off. 

Hat by ASOS. Top by Witchery. Jeans by Jay Jays. Shoes by Converse. Necklace by MeadowLark. Watch by Micheal Kors

The rest of my day off consisted of doing absolutely nothing! I lazed around all day and it was great :D 

I'm hoping to do more outfit posts...hopefully with better photography and setup!

Stay tuned :) 


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The All Year Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes, its best to go back to basics and restart your entire wardrobe. When doing this, remember to always buy good quality pieces that will last a long time and ensure they are classic styles. 

I've made up a capsule wardrobe of only 15 items, including shoes, that is suitable for all year round (in most places). I have not included accessories as these can be used to tweak your outfit to what's on trend at that current time. 

FIRST ROW: Levi's super skinny jeans, Levi's super skinny innovation jeans, Haute & Rebellious Shorts
SECOND ROW: Jack Willis t-shirt, Whistles jumper, Oasis shirt
THIRD ROW: 2nd day blazer, ASOS coat, Vero Moda cardi
FOURTH ROW: River Island skirt, People Tree dress, Elise Ryan dress
FIFTH ROW: Truffle collection heels, Selected sandals, Converse sneakers

When creating a capsule wardrobe remember: 
- Keep most of the capsule wardrobe full of staple pieces, and have a few key items that stand out
- Go for versatile pieces, that can be dressed up or down 
-Always go for timeless pieces, or at least pieces that won't go out of fashion anytime soon
- Go for good quality. If you are wearing an item more than once a week, it needs to be durable. 
- Add pops of colour through accessories i.e. statement necklaces, scarves etc.

Capsule wardrobes are great for those who don't have much wardrobe space, are travelling or just need a wardrobe overhaul!

What are your key pieces? Any items your would add or take away from this list? Let me know in the comments :)

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

My latest obsessions


I've always loved cactus plants, but lately I've been obsessed with cactus fashion too. JNBY did a collection in 2014 that was inspired by cactus plants, and since discovering this collection, I've began looking at other cactus inspired fashions too.

Shop the cactus....

Seen on a number of celebrities and fashion bloggers recently, are silk neck ties. Those of you who read my post Spring oranges, blues and golds, will know how in love with Karen Walker's SS16 collection "Star City" I am. Though this collection isn't for sale yet, the runway models wore silk neck ties in Grace Kelly fashion. Ever since seeing this collection, I've been obsessed with silk neck ties. Here are my picks...

From top centre, clock-wise: Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren, French Connection, Accessorize, House of Fraser, Witchery, Karen Walker, Nordstrom 

Dolce and Gabbana circa 2008 

 Outfit goals by Meagan over at


Not exactly a new trend, however I am loving cutlottes for spring right now. 

My favourite styles are those either in tropical prints or plain white. These look super cute with cut out ankle boots or simple heels. 

What are your current trend obsessions?

 Thanks for stopping by :)! xx

Friday, 2 October 2015

My Top Fashion Reads

I generally don't read a lot, however I do enjoying reading about fashion, or autobiographies, or both.
Here are my top fashion reads (in no particular order)....

Vogue on Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood is one of my absolute favourite designers since way back. Vogue created this series of books on many designers including Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior. This book documents Vivienne Westwood's career through the years and has so many wonderful images and illustrations!

From Rag Trade to Mag Trade by Annah Stretton
I must admit, Annah Stretton isn't one of my favourite designers - her clothing is targeted at a more mature audience than me, however this book is a great read! It documents her life and everything she went through to start her brand. She shows everything from her marriage failure through to the brands that she started before Annah Stretton.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Before the movie, there was the novel. I typically don't read novels, however I love this story and the humour in this novel is great. This book was published in 2003 and the movie was released in 2006, when I was 12. So, admittedly I did watch the movie before the book, but its still a great read, even when you know what's going to happen.

Marketing Fashion by Harriet Posner
I studied fashion design for 2 years and am currently studying marketing. Ideally, I would like to end up marketing for a fashion brand or at least working on the business side of fashion. Most of my marketing and fashion books are about one or the other, so when I cam across this book, it was great find! So much valuable information in here.

Harper's bazaar Australia : 10 years of fashion photography
This book and next to no words and is huuuuge (it measures 34 x 35 cm). Its a great coffee table book, and I love looking through this for inspiration. It has the greatest collection of beautiful images that have featured in Harper's Bazaar over the past 10 years.

City Fashion Paris by Christine Anne Bierhals 
This book is filled with amazing designers, some I did know about and some that I didn't know about. There so many talented new and upcoming designers to discover in this book, so it's worth a read!

If you have any other fashion reads that are good, please comment them below!

Thanks for stopping by :) xx

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What I wore today...

 Super simple outfit I wore today. Ripped jeans and all white converses are my go to at the moment. Kinda boring, but great on the go and when you can't be bothered thinking about what to wear! I wore my absolute favourite t-shirt by JNBY, which is a twist on a classic white oversized t-shirt - see below. I wore a navy stretch blazer, also by JNBY. This outfit was worn with Ruby Woo by MAC and a meadowlark necklace.

Here are some better photos of the t-shirt. It is a scoop neck oversized cotton t-shirt, but with a section of strips that are woven together. 

I've been meaning to start doing actual OOTD posts, however, I don't know anyone that can photograph these images. I'll figure something out though, so keep checking back

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Designer to watch: Hannah Claire

Hannah Claire is a new clothing label designed by Hannah Rutherford. Her newest collection for Spring 2015 (southern hemisphere) is beautifully simplistic and will fit into any girl's wardrobe.

I discovered Hannah Claire only recently, however instantly loved her design style. 
I have recently finished 2 years of studying fashion design and initially becoming a fashion designer was my dream, but once I realised how damn difficult it is, I shifted my dreams to the business side of fashion (hence why I changed my 3rd year to marketing). So I have so much respect for Hannah because she designs, patterns and sews each of these garments, which you have to be so talented and determined to do!

The french bulldog top is my absolute favourite of her newest collection.  I may even have to purchase this one, once I stop being a poor student!!

Take the time to check out her website: which has more of her collections, including her bridesmaid dresses and jewellery! 

Hannah Claire is available at a number of stockists throughout New Zealand, and can also be purchased via her website. 

Thanks for stopping by :) xx

Friday, 25 September 2015


I've been so inspired by tartan lately (especially by the likes of Kate Spade's AW15 collection!) so decided to do a post on my take on how to wear tartan. It can be worn a number of different ways and to anywhere from work to a date night to casual wear. 

For the first two outfits, are worn by two bloggers who I have been following lately - Shannon from and Kendall from They both have great style and when I searched their blogs for tartan outfits, I loved what I found! I also love how they are actually wearing very similar shoes in these outfits!
Kendall's outfit, which on her blog is labelled "Plaiditude", is great for in between seasons. I love how she has used plaid on plaid. This look has a grungy high fashion feel which I love <3
Shannon is wearing a super cute outfit, which is also perfect for in between seasons. I love the details in this outfit - the sequin shoulders and front tucked in shirt.

Make sure to check out their blogs, you will be inspired! 

Wearing plaid is a great workwear wardrobe staple! A statement skirt or matching cropped suit teamed with white or black is on trend. I am in love with the outfit on the right, which I found on lookbook - However, I then discovered her amazing blog!

For the last outfit example, I had to show the infamous clueless blazer! Worn as is above with high waisted skinny jeans and a basic cropped top is perfect for on trend casual wear.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Spring oranges, blues and golds

Recently I have been working on a (hypothetical) marketing plan for Karen Walker as part of study. I have spent many hours researching her background, collections, tactics etc etc etc. I came across her SS16 Northern Hemisphere collection, "Star City" and felt so inspired. The mix of oranges, blues, golds and whites and a perfect modern spring combo. 

In NZ, we are currently starting Spring, and even though this collection is for SS16 and therefore not on sale yet, I have felt inspired to incorporate this into my current wardrobe. 

I also came across a few other designers who had a similar feel to their outfits in SS15.

 Topshop Unique SS15

These two trends are obviously slightly different and from different seasons, however I love the feel that they both give off! I can't wait until Star City is released and I can go in store and have a look at it for myself. 

Thanks for stopping by :)