Wednesday, 14 October 2015

UPDATE: Visions of Style

My blog has had a change of name! I decided to change "Ghost White" to something I felt was more appropriate. Since my blog is still quite new, and I only have 30 something followers, I'm hoping it will be an easy adjustment to make. 

I have updated my bloglovin (still waiting for a full link change from the moderators) and instagram to "Visions of Style".

The logo:
This "logo" I actually designed last year when I was a fashion design student. It was for my "brand" (fictional, I don't have a brand) which I name Elsie. Elsie came from LC, which are my initials. While I didn't like the brand name, I really loved the logo that I designed and created using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to use it for something worthwhile, my blog! 


On "Ghost White" I had a post schedule of 3 times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. However, sadly for the next 6 weeks, I will only be able to post about twice per week as I have a huge final exam plus 2 assignments within that time. 
As of December 1st I will finally no longer be a student (that is, if I pass everything). 
Once my exams etc are over with, I will resume posting 3 days per week.

Thanks for stopping by :) xx

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